Indicative terms have never been quicker with the Zurich Pre-App tool

Zurich’s pre-app underwriting tool can provide you with quick and accurate indicative terms without having to apply. The tool is simple and easy to use, will save you valuable time and covers 90% of all pre-app enquiries, including many complex cases.  

The pre-app underwriting tool has now become their core way to underwrite new business and as a result Zurich’s pre-app line will be closing on 11th June 2021.  Therefore all your quotes should be put through this tool going forward.

What are the benefits to you? 

  • The tool will cover 90% of all pre-app enquiries 
  • It is fully integrated with our underwriting rules engine, so decisions are always accurate and up-to-date 
  • It’s designed to save you valuable time, speeding up the process of getting indicative terms 
  • The tool will provide you with decisions on a range of protection products and benefits at your finger tips, not only the ones you selected initially 
  • Each case is given a unique reference number and is saved on the platform 

How does the tool work?

You will need to provide Zurich with some basic information about your client, such as their age, occupation and nicotine usage, and enter a required sum assured for at least one product. You can also disclose additional information about your client such as lifestyle, medical details or family history. If you don’t know the answers to any questions, you are able to skip them and a standard value will be assumed. You’ll then be taken to the results page where you’ll be able to review the indicative decision for a range of benefits, which will be automatically saved in your portal under ‘My pre-apps’.

If in the 10% of scenarios the tool cannot offer any indicative terms, you will get the opportunity to email the pre-app tool reference to underwriting and receive a reply directly from an underwriter, usually within one working day, once they have assessed the information you have given online.

If you haven’t used the tool before Zurich have created a short video with more tips on how to use the tool

To access the tool, you simply need to sign in to or register for the Life Protection Platform.  If you haven’t got an agency with Zurich click here to register your agency with them

Please note: Whilst the number will show following your pre-app tool usage to call if any queries, this line will not be in operation from 11th June so please email them at

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