Mortgage Product Update 18/06/2021

The following updates were completed and are live in SOURCE today:


Accord has reduced rates on four 2 Year Fixed 90% LTV Product Transfers.

Cambridge Building Society

Cambridge Building Society withdrew their Residential 2 Year Discount 90% LTV product.

Coventry Building Society

Coventry Building Society repriced and extended end dates for selected New Business and Retention products.

Hanley Economic Building Society

Hanley Economic Building Society has re-launched a 2 Year Fixed Shared Ownership and a 2 Year Fixed Standard Residential product at 95% LTV.

Ipswich Building Society

Ipswich Building Society has withdrawn select products across all their Residential ranges.

Marsden Building Society

Marsden Building Society has launched new Residential products with end dates in September and new Shared Ownership products available to the Whole of Market, as well as updating their Shared Ownership lending criteria.


Masthaven has launched a new range up to a maximum LTV of 80% available for Residential applications. They have also made criteria changes across their BTL range including no longer accepting Limited Companies that are ‘Trading’, and Multiple ASTs are now acceptable for HMOs/Student Lets.

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society has made several rate changes across select products between 60% and 95% LTV.

Newcastle Building Society

Newcastle Building Society has updated their Joint Mortgage Sole Proprietor products with extended end dates and has also launched higher LTV variants to the range. The maximum LTV is now 95%.

The Melton Building Society

The Melton Building Society has extended end dates to July on select Residential mortgage products, and has also launched a new Regulated Consumer Holiday Buy to Let product.

The Mortgage Works

The Mortgage Works has made the following key changes:

-Reduction of rates by up to 0.3% on Remortgage only 5 Year Fixed products at 65% and 75% LTV with a £1995 fee.

-Introduction of 2 and 5 Year Fixed products with a £995 fee and rates starting at 1.69%.

-Withdrawal of Purchase and Remortgage 5 Year Fixed 50% LTV products with a £1995 fee. 

Tipton & Coseley Building Society

Tipton & Coseley Building Society has reduced the minimum loan on their 95% LTV products to £100,000.


TSB made selective rate changes on 2 Year Fixed First Time Buyer, House Purchase and Remortgage products. TSB also introduced a New Green Additional Borrowing range.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money has reduced rates across the entire range. They have also launched a 95% LTV 3 Year fee-saver Mortgage Guarantee Scheme product, and two 2 Year Fixed Purchase Exclusives.

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