Income protection: changes to our ceasing age May 2021

Income Protection is the cover that goes to work when your clients can’t and as one of the largest providers in the UK, we know well what an impact illness and injury can have on your clients’ earnings and daily expenses.

Over recent years there have been increases in the age at which most people start to receive their State Pension.   This in turn means your clients may be working longer and wish to ensure their income protection cover supports this need. 

What are we changing on Aviva Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection on 23 May 2021?

Your clients’ occupation is one of the risks we assess as part of the underwriting process.   

  • Aviva are pleased to now offer benefit to age 70 for the vast majority of coverable occupations.
  • Our product flexibility also allows a customer to increase their policy end age to 70, subject to underwriting.

To assist you in making the right recommendation to your clients, we’ve updated our comprehensive ‘Protection Occupation Guide’ which can be found in the brochure section of our adviser site.

When is the change happening?

We will implement the above change from the 23 May 2021.

What about my pipeline business?

Any applications already in the pipeline at the live date will not be affected by this change.  

If your client now requires a higher ceasing age then you should you requote and resubmit the application.  

For more information please contact your Aviva relationship manager.

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