Meet The Directors

Leadership Team

Christopher Tanner - CEO

“At HLP, we have always seen technology as a key to ensuring the future success of those firms that choose to join us. As a result, a cornerstone to our strategy has been on working with technology partners who, through collaboration and innovation, can help our members deliver excellent customer service. We continually focus on looking at ways to invest in technology to unite advisers with their customers.”


Shaun Almond - Managing Director

“HLP has grown by not forgetting what is essential in the customer/adviser relationship, and that’s excellent advice.  But we know that behind great advice is a high-quality support team, comprehensive product choice, and an ethos to treat the customer fairly. We pride ourselves in delivering a support package that allows members to grow at the speed they want. Members benefit from having a team who fully understand the opportunities that the Mortgage & Protection Market presents.”


Neil Hoare - Commercial Director

“Our proposition is designed to give members the choice of lenders and insurers, they need to meet the vast majority of customer’s needs, and with that, comes the increased options for customers. We know that members enjoy the ability to position themselves as “whole of market” which then reflects well when presenting the best solution to a customer. And with the back-up of a marketing team of the quality that HLP has put in place means more opportunities to attract new customers and remind existing customers of the real value of advice.”


Bob Haselip - Operations Director

“Many firms talk about operational resilience, but few know their business well enough to manage through a crisis. HLP has developed its infrastructure and its staff across both its Chichester and Leicester sites to ensure that, should the worst happen, it can continue to support members. AR’s comment that its great that the Directors are accessible and available to answer questions whatever the subject. Back-office technology continues to be enhanced to make member’s lives more comfortable, and we look to strengthen the support model as new advances become available.”


Peter Cobley - Finance Director

“There are only two core activities of a Network. When it comes to looking after the interests of its members, the goals are to keep them safe from regulatory sanction and make sure they get paid on time. Our weekly payment run and the ability for members to claim proc fees on exchange has helped manage cash flow. The facility to put money aside for potential clawbacks protects them from potential bumps in the road. Having private shareholders who are more interested in the success of the business than extracting dividends has given HLP a strong base in which to invest in its future success.”


David Steele - Chief Technology Officer

“Fintech plays a large role in driving the mortgage and industry forward.  Technology has always being at the core of HLPartnership and their members benefit from increased business efficiencies. As we move into a new era, the network;s technology systems will be developed even further and improve user experience to improve business processes that will benefit both our AR firms and their customers”