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As a network, we understand that promoting your business regularly and consistently can be challenging when you are focussing on providing great customer outcomes.

Taking a data-driven approach, we have put together a marketing programme that enables our advisers to keep in regular contact with customers and generate business through the identification and distribution of targeted marketing campaigns. Monthly training sessions are dedicated to customer acquisition strategies that can help you generate more leads from your marketing efforts in the long term.

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Monthly Client e-Newsletter

Why it's valuable to your business

Regular communication is essential for the long term success of a financial advice business. 

However, when busy advising, it can be tempting to neglect client communication efforts. To help solve this problem, HLPartnership has a fully managed client facing e-newsletter service that provides insightful and engaging content each month, with the option to view business analytics. The e-newsletter is personalised to each firm’s business brand guidelines, including contact information with a web form and links to drive website traffic. The marketing team fully manages the process on your behalf. 

From a study of the overall analytics, not only has the number of clients who receive the newsletter grown substantially, but the engagement rate has also improved – considerably outperforming industry averages.


In 2020, HLP reached the milestone of sending out one million client newsletters in 2020, on behalf of  member ARs. This is part of HLP’s strategy, in cooperation with our members, to engage existing customers on a regular basis and strengthen the relationship between customer and adviser.

Our research has shown consumers who haven’t had any subsequent contact with the adviser who arranged their mortgage are unlikely to go back to that source for further assistance when they need to remortgage. With individual circumstances changing all the time, particularly as we face the economic changes brought on by the pandemic, and the high percentage of fixed rate mortgages reaching the end of their terms, the chances are they won’t go back to their adviser at remortgage stage.

For the adviser sector, this is not just disappointing considering the role that remortgages will play in the medium term, it is potentially devastating. Once the current purchase boom subsides, the market will be dependent on remortgage activity and advisers who have failed to maintain contact with existing customers could find that they have already moved on.

In the longer term (2+ years) the mortgage market should return to steady growth as consumers seek to get plans back on track and are more confident in making major financial decisions. Normal levels of remortgaging are anticipated but if advisers are going to hold on to their customer bases consistent communication between advisers and their clients is paramount, because the choices for customers, as to where they can go for help, are growing. Matters will only get worse as preferences for longer fixed term products increase the lifecycle and ultimately reduce the opportunities for customer engagement.

It is often cited that the reasons for poor communication are a lack of time, knowhow and resources. One of the advantages of being a member of a proactive network such as ours is that the core technology provides advisers with reminders about customer contact, the client newsletter helps to keep the brand and the adviser firm in front of clients on a regular basis and data driven campaigns identify opportunities and send targeted communications to maximise remortgage and insurance reviews for advisers.

Targeted CRM Campaigns


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General Insurance Campaigns

The beauty of the CRM system that members have access to at HLP lies within its data. The marketing team can use the system to identify sales opportunities across the network and create campaigns that you can distribute to the appropriate segments at the click of a button.

The Campaign Sender functionality gives the ability to target appropriate client segments by sending HLPartnership pre-approved campaigns to clients by letter, email, or SMS. As the pre-approved campaign material has already been created and client criteria established, campaigns are easily distributed. Although the network will distribute the material to your campaign sender, members have control over what gets sent out and whom it goes to.

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