90% of advisers optimistic about 2024 prospects

During a recent survey, 90% of HLPartnership’s adviser members expressed a positive outlook for the mortgage market in 2024.

The survey indicates a strong belief in the market’s resilience and growth prospects. Brokers cited several factors for their optimistic views, including improvements in market processes, increased adaptability in face-to-face interactions, and a general sense of recovery and growth after a challenging 2023.

The general consensus points towards a market that is not just stabilising but will expand in 2024.

Many respondents noted that technology will play a greater part in pushing the market forward through the streamlining of processes fostering a more efficient and client-centric market environment.

Martin O’Callaghan, head of marketing at HLPartnership, said: “Our brokers are working at the coalface and their insights are invaluable to us. The positive sentiment captured in the survey is a testament to their resilience, expertise and foresight. It’s not just about recovery; it’s about growth and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in the mortgage market for 2024.

“The survey reflects the underlying strength and adaptability of the mortgage market. Our brokers’ positivity is grounded in real market dynamics and their understanding of industry trends. It’s a clear indication that 2024 holds promising opportunities for both brokers and clients alike.”

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