HLPartnership Wins ‘Best Marketing – Mortgage Services’ Award

HLPartnership (HLP) has secured the coveted ‘Best Marketing – Mortgage Services’ award at the Financial Reporter’s Mortgage Industry Marketing Awards (MIMAs). This remarkable achievement underscores the network’s innovative approach and strategic acumen in a field that saw them competing against industry heavyweights, including HSBC, and standing out among over 800 entrants.

The MIMAs, launched by Financial Reporter in November 2022, serve as a critical benchmark for excellence in the mortgage industry’s marketing sphere. These awards come at a time when effective communication is more crucial than ever, given the backdrop of rising interest rates, the introduction of Consumer Duty, and a host of criteria changes. The awards aim to highlight and celebrate the ingenuity and skill of marketers within the financial services sector, with a focus on those who continually exceed expectations to keep their firms at the forefront of a crowded market.

HLPartnership’s win is particularly notable as it was the only network to reach the finals, a testament to its unique approach to marketing in the mortgage services sector. The judging panel, comprising industry marketing experts, assessed entries based on a diverse range of metrics, including ROI, traffic and conversion increases, as well as creativity, innovation, brand perception, and execution. The panel also considered the scale of each entrant’s budget and resources, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Speaking about this significant win, HLP’s Head of Marketing, Martin (Ken) O’Callaghan, expressed his delight: “We are incredibly proud to receive this award, which reflects our team’s hard work and dedication. Our approach has always been to create innovative marketing strategies based on factual insights and the needs of each of the network’s stakeholder groups. Receiving recognition for this amidst such strong competition is truly rewarding.””

The award ceremony, held at the historic Tobacco Dock in Motel Studio London, wasn’t just about recognising the winners but also about acknowledging the challenges and transformations the mortgage industry has undergone. The event celebrated the marketers’ ability to adapt, innovate, and communicate effectively in an ever-evolving landscape.

Andy Shields, director at Barcadia Media, highlighted the importance of the MIMAs in the current climate: “The mortgage industry has faced significant challenges, especially in the past two years. Effective marketing and communication are vital within the busy intermediary space, and the MIMAs are a chance to reflect on the good, the great, and the truly game-changing of our industry.”

HLPartnership’s victory at the MIMAs is a shining example of how creativity, coupled with a deep understanding of the market, can lead to outstanding achievements in the competitive world of mortgage services marketing. This win not only sets a high bar for the industry but also serves as an inspiration for others in the field, showcasing the impact of well-designed marketing strategies in the financial services sector.

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