Building a Sustainable Advice Business By Improving Customer Retention

Your existing client database is your most powerful asset as there are so many opportunities that lie within it.

Our research has shown consumers who haven’t had any subsequent contact with the adviser who arranged their mortgage are unlikely to go back to that source for further assistance when they need to remortgage. With individual circumstances changing all the time, particularly as we face the economic changes brought on by the pandemic, and the high percentage of fixed rate mortgages reaching the end of their terms, the chances are they won’t go back to their adviser at remortgage stage.

December is the biggest single month in the UK for residential maturities, with data showing that almost 170,000 mortgage accounts come to the end of their current deal, with outstanding balances totalling over £25bn.

Analysis by the Leeds Building Society has indicated that residential borrowers with mortgages maturing in December could save over £100 on their monthly repayments if they remortgaged.

Your client database should be your best friend. In January, we will be launching a monthly communication that will tell you the opportunities that are available within your database. To get the most out of this service ensure that the data you add into 360 is accurate, inputted completion dates and kept up to date. 

Your success over the next year or so will be supported by an effective client retention programme. 

This year, we have sent out more than a million client communications on behalf of our member firms. The service is proving very beneficial and is more important than ever. If you would like to be a part of it, please let me know by visiting

I hope you find the content attached useful as we grow our marketing support services for members.

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