HLPartnership makes technology upgrades to support its ARs

HLPartnership (HLP) has taken steps to upgrade its technology platform and believes that it will offer its members the most comprehensive and integrated facility in the market.

With Consumer Duty becoming an integral aspect for every regulated adviser, embracing superior technology to manage modern compliance is paramount. This technology ensures that client outcomes match the expectations of Consumer Duty.

HLP has the clear intention of continuing its innovation journey, aiming to lead in technology among mortgage networks.

Christopher Tanner (pictured), HLP’s CEO, said: “Our journey of technological evolution is rooted in our unwavering dedication to our advisers.

“There are so many different components of tech support that brokers need to operate efficiently today. But the key is to make each part work together so that advisers have everything at their fingertips.”

Among the updates, the News & Communication Hub stands out as it centralises key communications, ensuring advisers remain updated. This feature acknowledges the challenges of missed emails and notifications, presenting a consolidated communication solution.

Further, the Integrated Booking System brings all event-related functions under one umbrella. Advisers using this portal for events will benefit as their CPD record gets auto-updated.

Improvements are also seen in client and product views. Advisers can now easily access a detailed client page through a universal search feature. Moreover, browsing client products and past data has been made more intuitive, eliminating the need for multiple page shifts.

The MI dashboard, used for reporting, has undergone a design overhaul, improving its accessibility and user experience.

Tanner further added: “These portal updates are a testament to our pledge to equip our members with superior tools, ensuring they continue to serve their clients to the best of their capabilities.

“This marks the beginning of a series of enhancements set to unfold throughout the year. It’s an exciting time to be a member of HLPartnership.”

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