Mental health support factsheets for your clients’ people

Westfield Health have put together a free webinar and some useful mental health factsheets to help you and to support employees and their mental health.

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, 10th – 16th May, and to help your clients support their people Westfield Health have created a series of mental health factsheets that you can share with them.

Mental health support factsheets

Your clients can download and share these factsheets with their people to help support their mental health. Our resources include advice on where to get help, breathing techniques, tips for controlling worry and ways to cope better with change.

Mental health support resources
Mental health support resources
A list of reliable sources of information and support, helplines and mental health apps.Download now
Coping with change
Coping with change
This factsheet explains the change curve and how to cope with change-related stress.Download now
Mental health support resources
Controlling worry
Understand the different types of worry, the physical impact of worry and useful techniques to control worry.Download now
Coping with change
Breathing techniques
Breathing techniques to help you feel calm and relaxed, including diaphragmatic and calming breathing.Download now

Webinar – Mental health in the workplace: understanding the importance and how to support your employees

If you haven’t registered for our mental health webinar, taking place on Thursday 13th May, there’s still time to do so! Register here.

Hear from Cathy Lawson, MHFA England Instructor, Independent Workplace Health and Wellbeing Coach and Rosie Marino, our Culture and Development Manager. They’ll share advice on how to spot the signs of poor mental health and offer practical tips to help support your employees’ mental health and build resilience.


Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live session, a link to the recording will be sent afterwards to those who registered.

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